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LottaRewards Reaching Out to RGW Participants

Date: 2014-06-02 16:26:21

Every year the Russian Gaming Week (RGW) gathers representatives from all over the world under one online gaming industry roof and allows its participants a unique opportunity to meet each other, make new business contacts and increase their activities on the vast fields of Russian speaking internet.

 Russian Gaming Week

Thanks to the constant developing of the world wide web, Russia is not only in line with the rest of the world when talking about new opportunities and resources, but slowly becoming one of the most popular and profitable markets for online companies.

LottaRewards Affiliate Program quickly reacted to these changes and couldn’t miss an opportunity to reach out to RGW participants getting a lot of great feedback.

LottaRewards has been in operation since 2008 and over the years it has expanded its client base and helped thousands of affiliates to live their dream – make money online, in their own free time and from the comfort of their home. Here are the best features of the program:

Lifetime commission. LottaRewards commission doesn’t depend mainly on the amount of attracted customers, but rather on the transactions they make. And as long as they spend money on the web-site the commission is added to the affiliates account.

Easy registration and comfortable user interface. In order to register in the program you just need to fill in a short form on, as soon as the registration is authorised by our manager the new affiliate gets access to all the promotion materials and current statistics.

Flexible commission that grows. Earning percentage can go up to 38% depending on how much attracted customers spend per month.

Impressive collection of promotion materials. Marketing materials are constantly updated and improved, which allows our affiliates to get the maximum opportunities and sign up more new customers over time.

Professional customer care team. Each affiliate can count on an individual approach, current feedback and information in a variety of languages.

Easy access to the commission. Commission is transferred to the partners account monthly and can be sent directly to a bank account, Webmoney account, Skrill or Neteller. You can access your earnings no matter where in the world you are.

LottaRewards on RGW

Recently the LottaRewards program became available for Russian speaking partners as well. And now Russian Internet users have access to best of the best of western online marketing solutions by joining an affiliate program with a perfect reputation and vast experience all over the world.

All the marketing materials are now available in Russian which gives our affiliates a huge advantage in the eyes of Russian clients. There is a monthly newsletter translated into Russian and dedicated LottaRewards Facebook page that focuses on Russian team of the program. And of course there is Russian speaking customer support staff that is ready to handle any question or query.

We at the LottaRewards Affiliate Program cannot wait to welcome some of RGW participants to our team and work together towards mutual benefits!

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