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Brand New UK Lottery Banners For Your Site

Date: 2014-04-09 11:14:01

Since launching LottaRewards back in 2008, the LottaRewards team has continually strived to provide new and unrivalled marketing tools for our affiliates, such as automated jackpot banners showing the latest jackpot sizes, text links, RSS Feeds, press releases, playblock iframes, offline promotional opportunities and last but not least, constant upgrading of top notch advertising banners in every size imaginable! This April we are happy to bring you a new and improved set of UK Lottery banners:

Uk Lottery Affiliate Banner

These brand new UK Lottery banners, could be just the ticket, you are looking for to give your site a new lottery lifestyle inspired look. After all these years the UK Lottery is still one of the favourite lotteries to play with loyal UK Lottery players showing their metal with this ‘ol boy’. Looking at the new UK Lottery banners however, there’s definitely nothing old about them! It takes bold person to drive one of these supercars and an even more daring super affiliate to maximize their earning potential by promoting these fantastic UK Lottery banners right now. The UK Lottery: With average jackpot wins between £2 million and £3 million Pounds being offered twice a week, the UK Lottery is certainly one hot topic and like most things worth talking about, we can’t get enough of it. Most importantly, the biggest indicator of the UK Lottery’s popularity is the fact that 90% of all jackpot winners have continued to play The UK Lottery after their win. If this isn’t a sure sign of the excitement to be had playing this lottery, then we don’t know what is! This is all coupled with fantastic conversion, retention and up-sell strategies by including sign up bonuses and draw reminder emails. The end result is a great earning opportunity for affiliates. As with all business opportunities there is a lot of money to be made for anyone with the drive to succeed – what you put in is what you get out. Grab a new UK Lottery banner set today!

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