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Maximise Your Commission

Date: 2014-03-18 13:33:15

People play the lottery to win big. Affiliates become affiliates to earn big commissions. With the Mega Millions standing $400 million, you have the perfect opportunity to maximise your commission right now by not only promoting this fantastic lottery jackpot but by promoting the various play options. After all why be happy with a player purchasing a single lottery entry when they can buy a bundle. The more entries you encourage them to purchase the more commission comes rolling into your account! How As lotto affiliates it is always good to know the lotto play options available on the sites that you are affiliated with. Let’s look closer at the 6 lottery play options available on Span Entry The easiest way for players to better their odds of winning a prize and the quickest way for you to earn a higher commission. Players simply need to select how many draws they wish their entry to play for. Bundle Play This easy play option allows lotto players to purchase entries for all the available lotteries over a week, a month, 3 months, 6 months or a year with a simple click of the mouse. Super 7 Bundle Players select 7 of their favourite lotteries to play over a specific time period. As you can see - in one single transaction you are multiplying your commission. Rapid Play The Rapid Play option give players the ability to enter all draws for all lotteries or for a specific lottery over a week or a month with only one click of a button. Intelliplay Playing the lottery the intelligent way. Intelliplay lets lotto players customise a set of rules specifying when they wish to automatically have lotto entries placed in a draw (for example: when the jackpot is over a certain size). Make sure that your biggest players never miss a massive jackpot again by promoting Intelliplay today! Extra Numbers Some call it ‘Lottery wheeling’! Add up to 3 extra numbers to your entries. The system then automatically works out all the possible combinations applicable using all permutations available. The Multiplier The Multiplier will double, triple or quadruple winnings on the various winning tiers of each lottery (excluding jackpot and second tier wins). Players simply select X2, X3 or X4 multiplier, meaning their winnings will be multiplied by the factor selected, in the event of a win. There you go! Six fantastic ways to promote the lottery to your players and ensuring that you maximise your earning potential. As always, Let's make money!

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