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The Popular Results and Winnings PlayBlock For Affiliates

Date: 2014-02-28 10:55:37

The day after a massive lottery draw can be just as important, in that lottery enthusiasts from all over the world will be looking for the draw results on All our online lotto partners will know that we at LottaRewards constantly encourage all affiliates to keep up to date with the most valued tools available. For this reason we would like to remind you that you can request the Results and Winnings PlayBlock which will enable your players to view all the lottery results all at once. The Results and Winnings PlayBlock is one of the most favoured choices amongst our affiliates, as it enables players on your site to see all the latest winning numbers in one easy to view section.

Affiliate lotto results playblock

Please do however, ensure that you have adequate space available (540x1000) and upwards as if it is any smaller it will not be able to display the relevant information properly. Many affiliates will display this clever tool on their pages giving their players the ease of use and once again promoting the lucky lotto numbers from your favourite lotteries around the world. If have not yet added the Results and Winnings Playblock, be sure to email us at : [email protected] we will be more than happy to create this unique feature for your site.

Results and Winnings Affiliate Playblock

The Results and Winnings PlayBlock is one of our most valued items, ensure you have one on your site today!

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