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Expect The Extraordinary with the Spanish Loteria Nacional Extra

Date: 2014-01-08 12:19:47

Spain’s doing it again - this time with Spain’s Loteria Nacional, Sorteo Extraordinario. This exciting January Spanish Raffle offers players a chance to play for a very tidy €105 million in prizes for the raffle draw scheduled on January 11th. Can you imagine - more than 37,000 players will strike it rich and more than 1 in 3 players will take home a prize this Saturday! Every Thursday and Saturday the Spanish Loteria Nacional hosts their national lottery draws but once a month excitement goes fever pitched when they offer a special Super Raffle draw, known as the Loteria Nacional EXTRA, or “Sorteo Extraordinario”. Now is the time to promote the Loteria Nacional EXTRA, or “Sorteo Extraordinario” and get lottery players visiting your site just as excited checking out this huge Raffle. We have a selection of Spanish Loteria Nacional banners to promote this fantastic raffle. Simply log into LottaRewards, click on TOOLS > BANNERS > LOTERIA NACIONAL EXTRA JACKPOT, BANNERS= View. From there select the size and preferred language. One of the best ways to offer a superior experience to your internet customer is to offer them something that will stimulate the senses. As we know, text is a great but nothing beats a quick glance at a huge jackpot amount than a jackpot banner.

Loteria Nacional Extra

Don’t hesitate to play around with the banners on your site to maximise your advertising revenue! As always, please email us for any assistance or queries you may have. ¡Buena suerte!


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