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From Mega Mania To El Gordo de Navidad Merriment

Date: 2013-12-19 07:54:37

Wow! That was a Mega Rush! Nothing beats the adrenalin rush of a really big rollover jackpot and Mega Millions certainly had the world in awe – nearly breaking its own jackpot record. Now that two very lucky winners have scooped the gigantic $636 million Dollar jackpot it’s time to look ahead – and thankfully we don’t have to look far at all. The El Gordo de Navidad is one of the biggest and richest lotteries in the world. Known as the “Fat One” due to the sheer volume of prizes available and it’s this iconic Christmas Raffle that will now be on everyone’s lips! With a staggering €2,520,000,000 in prizes, make sure that you are promoting this fantastic Spanish Raffle right now as the draw takes place this Sunday, the 22nd December. All affiliates know that promoting a jackpot prize of this size improves those conversions, which in turns improves your commission! Each ticket represents one-tenth of the series. Each series has 10 tickets and the 5 numbers on each of those 10 tickets are identical. If you match those five numbers in order, you win one-tenth of the total winnings for that number. If you possess all 10 tickets in that series and your number comes up, you win the whole prize. El Gordo – 'The Fat One' – is the top prize of all. With the draw taking place on Sunday and ticket sales closing before the time make sure that you don’t delay pushing for last minute ticket sales right now. For newbie affiliates out there who are unsure of how to get hold of a El Gordo de Navidad banner – we have you covered! You have a choice between the El Gordo de Navidad jackpot banners or the brand new Spanish Raffle banners:

El Gordo Navidad Play Spanish Raffle

Simply log into LottaRewards, click on TOOLS > BANNERS > EL GORDO DE NAVIDAD JACKPOT BANNERS= View. Affiliates will then be able to select their favourite size and preferred language and download these banners for use. With the El Gordo de Navidad on everyone’s lips – make sure you are promoting ‘The Fat One’ right now! As always, please email us for any assistance or queries you may have.

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