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$257,000,000 Mega Millions – Now that’s a lot of Jack!

Date: 2013-12-03 08:46:37

This week’s biggest lotteries are all coming from Big Bucks City in the good old USA. Now is the time to promote these high flying big guns! The much talked about American Dream promotes opportunity, prosperity and success. You can be part of that success when you promote these three outstanding jackpots hard and fast. The harder you push, the better your conversions the better your commission and that is what this exercise is all about. Go for it! As any lotto partner can tell you, one of the most important factors in increasing that revenue is to give the biggest jackpots top priority and sell them hard using any means at your disposal including any social media sites, blogs or micro-sites you are connected to. Now as you are aware, there is no control over the size of the jackpots (that’s all down to chance) but you, the lottery affiliate, do have control over which lotteries you choose to promote. Use the big ones for a better return as Joe Public do like to go for the big bucks even if it’s not their regular game. This week we have the fantastic Mega Millions which has rolled yet again to an incredible $257,000,000! It’s been a high roller all year and public awareness has increased considerably due to the worldwide press this jackpot has been attracting. The USA Powerball has silently crept up extremely well with an exceptional $81,000,000 and the SuperLottoPlus is sitting pretty with a jackpot of $42,000,000!

Biggest Lottery Jackpots

They are all there just waiting for you to do your thing so you can increase your revenue into the big time. All of the above lotteries including many others are available for online lottery affiliates to promote through the affiliate program. Once again, it is always advisable for all our loyal lotto partners to consider the jackpot size when deciding on which lotteries to promote. Watch this space for more new and exciting banners coming soon! – Where bigger is always better! As always, please email us for any assistance or queries you may have.

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