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Spanish Raffle Banners For Affiliates To Promote

Date: 2013-11-26 08:37:45

Since added the Spanish Raffles to their wide variety of products they have available for any potential player to try their luck, all our online lottery affiliates have seen how extremely popular these raffles are. The LottaRewards team knows how effective promoting a BIG jackpot amount is, which is why we have now created a brand new banner set for all lotto partners to take advantage of. We proudly bring you : The Spanish Raffle Banners You can add these fantastic banners with a few clicks of a button, simply log into LottaRewards, click on TOOLS > BANNERS > SPANISH RAFFLE = View. Affiliates will then be able to select their favourite size and simply download this banner for use.

Loteria Nacional Extra

These banners cover each and every raffle that offers, in a large selection of sizes, and of course available in each language for you to add to your site! When first brought aboard to the family, we only offered one of the most popular raffles, the El Gordo Christmas Raffle. This was quickly followed by its sister raffle, the Summer El Gordo Raffle. Not stopping there, we then launched the El Nino New Years raffle, and shortly after that we proudly brought in the Loteria Nacional Extra raffles. All these Spanish raffles proved to be extremely popular amongst lottery enthusiasts from around the world. And with raffle totals amounting up to EU €2,520,000,000, its really no surprise why! Our loyal affiliates showed just how excited they were and took advantage of these famous raffles within days. We saw a gigantic influx in jackpot banner downloads specific to these raffles. Which is why, we have now made things even simpler for you. A banner speaks a thousand words, so why not freshen up your site and add the latest and never seen before, Spanish Raffle banners to your site? Not that you need to be reminded, but the biggest way to bring in those new players, is with large jackpot amounts, and advertising a prize fund of up to EU €2,520,000,000 will be sure to catch even the most sceptic of lottery players eyes! These brand new banners will work perfectly to help you promote the current raffle on offer at, the ElGordoNavidad Christmas raffle. Currently sitting at a prize fund of up to EU €2,520,000,000, we strongly suggest adding these banners to your site! As always, please email us for any assistance or queries you may have.

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