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Start Promoting The Popular October Spanish Raffle Now

Date: 2013-09-11 12:58:47

Having seen recently how extremely popular the Spanish raffles are on, it’s quite obvious why we continue to add these to the ever growing list of lotteries and raffles that are offered. As all affiliates know, lottery enthusiasts are attracted to lottery draws with big jackpots. Which makes promoting the raffle a very simple task. The latest October Raffle you can promote has a total prize fund sitting at €105,000,000.00! BUT, just like its sister raffle, over and above the total prize fund there is a special top prize that is being awarded to just one decimo amongst all the jackpot winning tickets. This top prize consists of a whopping €19,870,000.00 and will be taken home by one lucky decimo holder who matches the winning combination. Let’s Take A Look At The TOP 5 Prize Tiers : 1 Prize of €1,300,000.00 (1 selection of 5 digits) ............. €1,300,000.00 1 Prize of €250,000.00 (1 selection of 5 digits) ............. €250,000.00 40 Prizes of €3,750 (4 selections of 4 digits) ............. € 150,000.00 1,300 Prizes of €750 (thirteen selections of 3 digits) ............. €975,000.00 1,000 Prizes of €300 (one selections of 2 digits) ............. €300,000.00 Keep in mind those are just the top 5 tiers, there are of course MANY smaller prize tiers from a variety of number combinations that your players will be able to select.

Spanish Raffle Ticket

Drawing on the 5th of October 2013, this raffle has no need for a special name as it is being dedicated to the incredible 250 years that these Loteria Nacional Raffles have been in business. 25 years is always something to celebrate, so 250 years makes this a opportunity to use to your full advantage. Be sure you are ahead of the curb and promote the 250th Anniversary Spanish Raffle on offer. As always, these jackpot banners are available to add with a few clicks of your mouse. IMPORTANT : There are only a limited number of raffle tickets available! Don't miss out on this extremely popular Spanish Raffle.

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