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Introducing The Newest Lottery - THE SPANISH LA PRIMITIVA LOTTO

Date: 2013-08-28 10:07:26

While the La Primitiva is the newest lottery on offer at, it is in actual fact the OLDEST lottery in the world. With its first jackpot draw dating back to the 1700’s, only in 1985 did it get a revamp. has recently added this extremely popular Spanish lottery to their site, and already we can see it is a new firm favourite with lottery enthusiasts. The La Primitiva offers a starting jackpot of €3 million and will continue to roll until the top prize is won, which gives lotto players a bigger chance of winning it big, and our lottery affiliates a higher chance of increasing their commission! In its history, there have been 3 BIG wins, starting in 2005 one player won a whopping €25 million. Not stopping there, in 2007 one player won an incredible €26 million. Yet in 2013, the title for the biggest jackpot won reached a life changing €66.6 million! How to Play La Primitiva: • Lottery players will select 6 numbers from a possible 49 (During the lottery drawing the organisers will draw 8 numbers – 6 numbers plus a bonus ball) • La Primitiva follows the standard 6/49 lottery format but includes a twist in its prize structure - namely, the Reintegro number. • If a player matches all 6 of the winning numbers drawn plus the Reintegro number they win the top prize which includes the 1st prize value plus an additional sum. * The Reintegro number is not chosen by you, it is randomly assigned by the Spanish National Lottery organisers after your entry has been validated on their system.

La Primitiva Spanish Lotto

Keep in mind this latest La Primitiva lottery jackpot is drawn every Thursday and Saturday at 20:30 GMT. Adding this ancient lottery to has proven its worth, which is why we strongly advise ALL lotto partners to add the “PlayLaPrimitiva - Jackpot Banners” to your site! With a proud history and stunning jackpots it is little wonder that La Primitiva is the most popular lottery in Spain!

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