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Reviewing The Euromillions And EuroJackpot Lotteries

Date: 2013-08-21 10:33:19

There are special lotteries that have captured the hearts and imaginations of players across the world. Euromillions and EuroJackpot are always ranked top when it comes to players favourites. Euromillions is one of the most popular lotteries on offer at! Well known across the globe and one of the easiest lotteries to promote, its renowned jackpots continue to draw in new players and keep older players trying their luck. EuroMillions tickets first went on sale on 7 February 2004 with the debut EuroMillions draw taking place on Friday 13 February 2004 in Paris. - 5 main numbers are chosen from a pool of 50 possible numbers (1 – 50) - 2 “star” numbers are chosen from a pool of 11 possible numbers (1 – 11)

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To win the jackpot a player must match all 7 numbers to the 7 numbers drawn. To date that biggest winner for the Euromillions was won by 2 lucky players who split the €129 million jackpot! With this incredible jackpot drawing twice a week (Tuesday and Friday) it’s not hard to see why this is one of your players first choice when playing the lotteries. Euromillions in fact, holds the record for the biggest jackpots ever won in Europe! For those lottery affiliates who are familiar with Euromillions, you will then know what to expect from EuroJackpot. In fact, EuroJackpot was founded by European countries who were left out of the Euromillions lottery. EuroJackpot begun in 2011 by countries who did not participate in the Pan-European Euromillions Lottery. These non-participating countries set about devising their own joint lottery so that they too could share in the excitement of giant jackpot draws. And giant jackpots are just what the EuroJackpot lottery is bringing to the table. The first EuroJackpot draw took place on Friday, 23rd March 2012. was one of the first to bring you the news. - Lottery players select 5 numbers from a possible 50 numbers (1 – 50) - Lottery players then select a further 2 numbers from a possible 8 numbers (1 – 8)

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To win the main prize, players need to match all 7 lucky lottery numbers. Previously the biggest EuroJackpot ever won was by a single ticket holder who took home an astounding €46,079,338.00! The EuroJackpot draw takes place once a week on Friday night, which means you have ample opportunity to promote this exciting draw on your site. As always, these lotteries have jackpot banners are available on LottaRewards for our online lotto partners to add to their sites in a few easy steps. What are you waiting for? Start promoting these incredible jackpots now!

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