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The September Del Turista Raffle Joins The Family

Date: 2013-08-15 13:29:04

Over the past few months, and LottaRewards has proudly added new and exciting products to their site for lotto partners to promote. This includes the incredibly popular Raffles from Spain (The el Nino Raffle and El Gordo Navidad). continues to bring your loyal players a chance to enter the extremely exciting Spanish Raffles with the click of a button, the latest addition – The Del Turista September Raffle.

Loteria Nacional Extra

More commonly known as the ‘Del Turista’, which translates to ‘The Tourist’ it’s not hard to see why lottery players near and far are enticed to take a chance and try their luck in striking it rich. This September raffle offers a main prize of €105,000,000.00, and not forgetting the usual prizes up for grabs. Your players will simply need to have the winning 5 digit Decimo combination to take this prize home! Your players will purchase tickets that are numbered between 00000 and 99999. All 100,000 number combinations are sold in books of 10 across 10 series. The total amount of prizes is an outstanding €105 million, but don't forget that the special Decimo prize includes top prizes per series of €1.3 million and €250 thousand. The Del Turista September raffle will draw its selected winner on the 7th of September 2013, which means online lottery affiliates have less than a month to promote this extremely popular raffle. LottaRewards has ensured the best jackpot banners are available to our affiliates, simply search for “Loteria Nacional Extra” to download this jackpot banner to your site. As this is a raffle and not a standard lottery structure, it's a great way to target those players who usually wouldn't be drawn to the big jackpots on offer. Players do not choose their numbers they are assigned them from a set of pre-existing 5 digit numbers. As with the other Spanish raffles there are many different prize tiers and potential winning number combinations to maximise your players chances of taking home a prize. Keep in mind, there are a LIMITED number of tickets available, so we would recommend adding this to your site and promoting it NOW!

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