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For The First Time Ever, Promote The El Gordo Verano Raffle

Date: 2013-05-23 10:55:41

Back in 2012 launched the first of 2 Spanish raffles for their players to take part in (El Gordo Navidad and the El Nino), and now we are proud to announce the arrival of the 3rd annual Spanish raffle, the El Gordo Raffle! With the incredibly huge success of these previous raffles we know how excited you must be to have another super Spanish raffle to promote. This Spanish El Gordo Summer Raffle offers a draw size of €140 million and a jackpot prize pool of €20 million. There are 10 guaranteed jackpot prizes of €2 million each and a further 378,000 individual prizes up for grabs.

Everyone with a ticket has a 1-in-3 chance of winning a prize.

This raffle draw will take place on the first Saturday of July 2013. This means lotto partners have just over a month to ensure they are making the most of this opportunity for increased revenues. The Spanish raffles are a very popular product across the world with interest from many players.

El Gordo Summer Raffle

Because it does not follow a standard lottery structure (i.e. it’s a raffle - players do not choose their numbers they are assigned them from a set of pre-existing 5 digit numbers) it is also a perfect opportunity to target players who might not normally be interested in a straight forward lottery product. Advertising the El Gordo de Verano Raffle: - LottaRewards have created specific banners to make this a one-step process, simply log in and search for "ElGordoVerano - Jackpot Banners" and add the banner you prefer most to your site. As always, please contact us with any questions or queries you may have about promoting this super Spanish raffle. Why should YOU promote this product: • The total prize pool consists of an incredible €140 million • Players have a 1 in 3 chance of winning a prize • This is one of the most popular items on offer and occurs only once a year What’s not to love about this fantastic summer raffle? Heat up your affiliate earnings by promoting the El Gordo de Verano. Get started soon as tickets are being sold subject to availability.

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