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2013’s First Euromillions Superdraw For Affiliates To Promote

Date: 2013-03-19 09:26:10

The LottaRewards Team has a very big announcement for this week. We would like to welcome back the ever popular Euromillions Superdraw! With a GUARANTEED jackpot of €100,000,000.00, we know each and every one of our loyal lotto partners will be interested in this promotion. Many of our lottery affiliates have been around to witness the mass hysteria of a Euromillions Superdraw, we are certain they are just as excited as we are for Friday’s madness to begin! Friday the 22nd of March is going to be a day to remember. Bigger Jackpots mean bigger interest from lottery enthusiasts. Which means now is your time to shine! - Tip Of The Week : Add a Euromillions Superdraw banner to your site today! This will entice any potential player to try their luck!

Euromillions Affiliates

Here at LottaRewards we have added brand new promotional items to our site to enable you a chance to join the excitement of promoting 2013’s first Euromillions Superdraw. Simply log into LottaRewards and search for "EUROMILLIONS SUPERDRAW 2013" to download and add the banners to your website. The PlayHugeLottos and LottaRewards teams are on full alert and we are ready to deal with any questions or queries you may have. This year’s Euromillions Superdraw has a guaranteed jackpot of 100 Million Euros, so we are expecting a large influx of new players with a great conversion rate - The perfect opportunity to introduce new players to the site. Remember: Euromillions Superdraws only happen once or twice a year! PlayHugeLottos and LottaRewards would most definitely suggest taking this opportunity and making the most of it! Giant jackpots are always popular on LottaRewards but the Euromillions Superdraws have an extra-special place in the hearts of lottery players around the world. Please contact us for any assistance you may need, and best of luck promoting 2013’s first Superdraw of the year.

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