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Spot The Ball Competition Is Back For Affiliates To Promote:

Date: 2013-02-07 13:09:11

Spot The Ball is a classic game from the 70’s and 80’s that used to appear in newspapers. has an updated version for all their lottery players to try their luck on. always likes to give their players an opportunity to have some fun while they try to strike it rich! Case in point, their latest ‘Spot The Ball’ competition. Building on the great success from their previous ‘Spot The Ball’ competition in 2012, is expecting great involvement from all their lotto players. Increased interest from players means potentially increased revenue to all our lottery affiliate partners. Beach Volleyball Sure To Excite Your Players This time around we have upped the ante with an exciting new theme for the game, namely the ‘oh so sexy’ sport of beach volleyball! Of course it’s not just about playing the game – there has to be something for players to win! Well, this year’s prize is a whopping £500.00 play funds for 4 lucky winners! Simply guess where you think the ball is in the picture on the game page and the most accurate 4 guesses will each win themselves £500.00 play funds. Unlike many of the other exciting competition on this competition does not have a purchase entry requirement meaning the competition is FREE for all our players. To gain entries players must simply complete any of the following: • All new registration on receives 5 entries. • Update their details and earn 4 entries (applies only once during the competition). • Log in to receive 1 entry (maximum of 1 entry per day). As with most competitions, the more entries your players have the more chance they have of winning. Make sure you have added these competition banners to your site to ensure your lotto players have entered before the competition closes on the 25th of February 2013.

Spot The Ball competition

There is every reason to promote this classic competition, all you need to do is log into LottaRewards and click on TOOLS > BANNERS then simply search for “Spot The Ball”. These banners are up and waiting for our loyal lotto partners to make use of them and add them to their sites. Remember keeping your site up to date and adding fresh new banners will attract new players, which no lottery affiliate could have a problem with. As always, best of luck to all our lotto partners and please contact us if you have any problems.

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