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Mobile Site For Lottery Affiliates To Promote:

Date: 2013-02-01 09:09:59

When our lottery affiliates begin promoting, it’s always wise to know as much as you can about the product you are offering and the different ways you can market it. This is why the LottaRewards Team would like to ensure our affiliates are aware that offers players a chance to play the lottery straight from their mobile phone. Now we know our experienced online lotto affiliates are well aware that to stay ahead of the curb you need to make use of each opportunity available to you when you promote the lottery. With LottaRewards, we make that easy. You are able to promote the lottery online through many different marketing options such as text links, banners, RSS Feeds and the mobile site. It therefore makes perfect sense that our lotto partners are able to promote the international lotteries on via mobile site.

Mobile lottery affiliate banners

The key to remember when promoting a mobile site is that less is more. As your players are only seeing a relatively small portion of what they would see on a standard sized computer screen you need to ensure that the correct information is available to them. This is why the mobile site has been stripped down compared to the full website version. Don’t worry, as you can see it still manages to keep that essential call to action to grab players and encourage conversions. The mobile site gives lottery players easy access to register an account and begin playing from mobile devices – and your affiliate tracking is 100% secure! We have added optimized mobile banners to LottaRewards for you to make use of. Simply log into using your log in details and click on TOOLS > BANNERS > Mobile Banners PHL. The mobile lottery banners advertise the brand and direct traffic to the mobile lottery site. The banners are currently only in English but please contact your affiliate manager should you require them in another language. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

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