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In It Till You Win It Competition Comes To A Close For Affiliates To Promote

Date: 2013-01-11 11:11:00

This January will see our ever popular, “In It Till You Win It” competition draw to a close. These lucky winners will receive lottery tickets into every draw for a specific lottery, UNTIL they win that big jackpot. Your lotto players have been able to enter this exclusive competition since the 7th of December 2012, and what a lot of entries we have received! This 3rd annual “In It Till You Win It” competition is proving to be the most successful yet, be sure you are part of the action. Don't forget, your players have up until the 21st of January 2013 to enter, and we recommend making this your number one promotional item till then. With a chance to be entered into every draw till they win the jackpot, all lottery enthusiasts will be scrambling to make sure they have done all they can to enter!

Be in it until you win it

(Please note that each prize is a lottery ticket in every draw – for that specific lottery – until that entry wins the jackpot) This is’s 3rd annual “In It Till You Win It” competition, and we can assure you all that its bigger and better than the last 2. We have more lotteries on offer, which means more winners. And with lottery jackpot breaking all records this will certainly be THE most intense “In It Till You Win IT” competition we have ever had. How your players can enter : - Purchase any of the Lottery Bundle products on offer at LottaRewards likes to keep it simple. Which is why we have created specific ‘In It Till You Win It’ competition banners for you. . Simply log into and select the “In It Till You Win It” competition banners we have created. Lets us know if you have any questions or queries, best of luck to all promoting this competition!

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