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Affiliates Can Promote A Record American Powerball Jackpot

Date: 2012-11-27 10:27:48

This is how we here at like to bring our year to a close, with a fantastic lottery jackpot from the USA Powerball! This record breaking jackpot has now rolled over to a whopping $425 million USD! The American Powerball jackpot has now exceeded the $400 million Dollar mark, which means all lottery enthusiasts from all over the world are scrambling to get their lotto entries in on time. Drawing on Wednesday the 28th of November, this massive jackpot draw is going to be one for the record books.

USA Powerball $425 million Jackpot

The previous highest USA Powerball jackpot (an incredible $365 million USD), has already been outdone. This next draw could be the life changer all our lottery affiliates and players alike have been waiting for. With a record breaking jackpot draw like this, affiliates can expect a flurry of excitement from their lottery players. Make sure YOU are promoting this highest ever American Powerball jackpot draw. As always LottaRewards strives to ensure promoting these life changing jackpot draws are as easy as counting to 3 : - Choose one of our exciting Powerball Jackpot Banners - Add it to your site - Sit back and reap the rewards With 2012 drawing closer to an end, winning this USA Powerball record breaking jackpot draw of $425 million USD would be on the top of any wish list. So while your lottery players are trying to win their share of millions of dollars on, why not spoil yourself – you never know what luck has in store for you! Please contact us with any questions or queries you may have.

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