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Latest Product Added - El Gordo Navidad Christmas Draw

Date: 2012-11-13 09:22:58 and LottaRewards are pleased to announce our brand new lottery product. Probably the most popular (and certainly the biggest) draw in history, the El Gordo Navidad Christmas draw! This draw will give players from all over the globe a chance to win their share of a staggering €2.5 BILLION in prizes. That's right, the prize fund is sitting at an incredible €2.5 BILLION! Why should YOU promote this product: - The prize fund consists of an amazing €2.5 billion - This is one of the most famous and popular draws in the world - Players have a 15% chance of winning the prize - Winnings are paid out in a tax-free lump sum Of course, with that jackpot amount we can understand why the El Gordo Navidad is clearly the biggest draw in the world!

Christmas Raffle Tickets

How El Gordo Navidad is played: Players do not pick their own numbers. The draw is a raffle which allows players to tickets printed with pre-selected numbers (each ticket being assigned a 5 digit number). Because entries are sold from a finite pool of tickets it is possible that the ticket supply could run out. It is therefore important for all lottery affiliates to target selling these tickets as soon as possible to ensure they are able to profit from this exciting draw. The El Gordo Navidad Christmas draw is quite a festive experience with the draw often lasting for many hours. 1 ball that contains a 5 digit number is picked from a barrel and an associated ball with the relevant prize amount is picked from a 2nd barrel. These numbers are then sung out by school children. This is all done on live television ensuring everyone can be a part of it. As all our lottery affiliates will realise, these tickets will sell out FAST on! So ensure you are doing everything and anything to help promote this unbelievable Christmas draw. We have created specific banners to make this a one step process, simply log in and search for "El Gordo Navidad - Jackpot Banners" and add the banner you prefer most to your site. As this lottery product is new, and the jackpot amount is so high, has added it to the PlayBlock feature. It will be the first lottery on display, ensuring easy purchasing for all your lotto players. Keep in mind, for those lottery affiliates who have a PlayBlock displayed on their site, please increase the height of the PlayBlock to incorporate this exciting new lottery. While we know your players will be sure to enter, why don't you also join in this excitement?

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