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Recapping The Biggest Jackpots In History For Our Lotto Partners

Date: 2012-09-13 11:52:53

2012, the year of the biggest lottery jackpot in history. Our lotto partners will, without a doubt, remember the mad frenzy to add lottery promotional tools (and perhaps even purchase a ticket or two themselves) for the amazing Mega Millions $646 million Jackpot draw! This incredible jackpot was of course a huge eye opener for even the most seasoned lottery affiliate with players from around the world all wanting to join in the fun and strike it rich! As unbelievably big as this Mega Millions jackpot was there have also been a number of other famous lottery draws with record breaking jackpots. Remember, as a lottery affiliate the jackpot size is very important your bottom line. The bigger the jackpot is, the bigger the excitement amongst players and thus the bigger the return for your affiliate business. Although there are many different lotteries on offer from across the world it is really only a handful of popular lotteries that produce the truly spectacular jackpot sizes we have come to look forward to on These are : - USA MegaMillions (Multi-State USA lottery) - American Powerball (Multi-State USA lottery) - Euromillions (Pan-European lottery) - SuperEnaLotto (The Italian Lotto) These 4 lotteries are often (and understandably) the most popular choices for our lotto partners to promote. There are, of course, many players who actually prefer playing the lotteries that offer ‘lower’ jackpots as they see their odds increase substantially. And when we say ‘lower’ jackpots, let’s not forget that a $10 million Dollar jackpot is not too shabby by anyone’s standard. With offering 12 world class lotteries for you to promote there is no shortage in ‘lower’ or high jackpots to take advantage of. Why not give your players their pick of any jackpot they could dream of? Let’s take a look at the biggest American and European Jackpots to date:

American Lottery Jackpots Lottery jackpots

Here at LottaRewards we always suggest having a wide range of lotteries to promote on your site, the more you offer, the more chance you have of prospective players finding something that excites them. Don't forget we have a variety of marketing options available for EACH of the lotteries that offers. Potential players might not be aware of the different lotteries that they are able to take part in so ensure you offer them as much variety as you can by displaying a wide type of lottery banners. Playing or promoting the big jackpots has never been easier with and For any questions or queries, please email us and we will be glad to assist you!

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