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Euromillions & USA Powerball For Lottery Affiliates To Promote

Date: 2012-08-02 12:47:44

Euromillions is without a doubt one of the most popular lotteries to play all across the world, and with the jackpot currently sitting at a whopping €176,000,000 - It makes it an even more popular choice for lotto partners to promote on their websites.

Euro Millions

Powerball is another firm favourite for lottery enthusiasts, and with the jackpot currently at a life changing $181,000,000 - this is sure bet for any lotto player and affiliate alike.

USA Powerball

With literally hundreds of millions of reasons to play, who wouldn’t want to participate in these life changing jackpot dreams and take a chance to test their fate? LottaRewards has great marketing tools available for each and every affiliate which means no affiliate has an excuse to pass this opportunity by. Why not 'spice up' your website and switch your banners around for the Euromillions and USA Powerball? Here at LottaRewards we like to make things easy, which is why we will create the ever popular PlayBlock, with a twist. We will create a lottery specific PlayBlock for our affiliates to display either the Euromillions or the American Powerball. This will give you the best advantage to start promoting these exciting jackpots. Interested? Simply email us and we will ensure your PlayBlock is added to your site. LottaRewards Recommended Promoting Tools For These Jackpots: - Specific Euromillions or USA Powerball PlayBlock - “Aspirational” Banners - Dynamic Euromillions or Powerball Banners displaying jackpot amounts Promoting the Euromillions and American Powerball jackpots has never been easier. Adding exciting banners, lottery-specific PlayBlocks and of course, dynamic banners, our lotto affiliates are maximising their websites for the upcoming rush of jackpot hunting lottery players!

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