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New Package Deal For Lottery Affiliates

Date: 2012-06-21 13:45:55

We all know that we always ‘plan’ to update our sites, keep improving our stats and try increase our commission earned yet the time allocated to do this slips away as the days go by. That's why LottaRewards would like to inform all our loyal Lottery Affiliates that we are here to help. We have now put together a ‘package deal’ for all Lottery Affiliates to make use of. This would help save time and give you the best options of banners, text links, RSS Feeds and promotions available. This package will give lottery affiliates all the tools necessary to start promoting the massive jackpots on offer at What the package includes: • The most popular lottery RSS Feeds links • The most popular lottery banners • Text Links • Promotional/Competition Banners • The Famous PlayBlock This package is specially designed to suit our Lottery Affiliates’ needs while minimising the amount of work done by YOU. Our Affiliate team will create the relevant campaigns and download the requested tools – all you’re left to do is to simply add the content to your site. We highly recommend all our lottery affiliates make use of this facility in order to ensure the best possible combination of marketing materials is implemented. You will of course be able to track and monitor the success of this approach in your custom reports, selecting the campaign you wish to view. If you are interested in the above package please contact us and we will put it together for you, hassle free

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