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Spot the Ball Competition

Date: 2012-06-08 07:46:21

With the year already half way through, LottaRewards has teamed up with to host a fun competition for Lottery Affiliates to promote. This competition will tie in with the Euro 2012 football fever that's hit the world. From the 5th June 2012 to 25th June 2012, players will be able to take part in this first ever “Spot-the-ball” competition. has created an image of a football match in full swing, all that's missing is the ball. Players can then ‘spot’ where they believe the ball should be and stand a chance to win a top of the line home cinema system worth £2,000.00 (or take the cash). The player who guesses the correct (or closest) point will then be the lucky winner.

How Do Players Enter: • New customers can register an account on and receive 5 entries • Current players can update their details and receive 4 entries (If your details have not changed just update the details that are reflected on your account) • Players are able to log into their accounts daily and receive 1 entry each time ( 1 log in per day = 1 entry per day) How Do Lottery Affiliates Promote This Competition: • Add the “Spot-the-ball” banners to your site for potential and current players to see • Add this competition to your latest newsletters or articles featured on your site • Be sure to promote’s first ever “spot-the-ball” competition on all your personal network sites You are able to download these banners by logging into LottaRewards and simply clicking on BANNERS > and then searching for “spot-the-ball” banners – As always, these banners are available in all the languages has to offer. Why Should Lottery Affiliates Promote This Competition: • Any one of your players can stand a chance to win this prize • This competition is FREE to enter • It will keep players logging in to on a daily basis, and in turn should improve your conversions and sales • As always adding new banners to ‘freshen’ up your site There is no entry ‘fee’ for this competition, which will encourage wide audience participation. Players are encouraged to return to the site everyday to earn further entries and while they are there they will probably be playing one of the huge jackpots that has to offer. Start promoting now to stand a chance to increase your commission – contact LottaRewards if you need any assistance or have any queries.

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