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Powerball Ticket Promotion For All Lottery Players:

Date: 2012-05-31 11:20:10 is having a massive sale and giving all lottery players a week-long promotion for the ever popular USA Powerball. In this week all tickets purchased for the Powerball will be HALF PRICE for all lottery players. From today (31st May 2012) all the way through to Thursday (7th June 2012) all lottery tickets purchased for the USA Powerball will be 50% off for all players that purchase tickets on any of the websites.

Lottery Ticket Super Sale

Benefits Of The Powerball Promotion This promotion is sure to encourage your less-active players to join in again and take part in all the fun that has to offer. Earning you bigger commissions in the process! Here are some other advantages to consider: • As the tickets are half price and the jackpot sitting at a mouth watering 164 Million USA Dollars, all lottery players will be scrambling to enter as many times as they can • Potential new players will be instantly drawn to this promotion and will take action to ensure they are entered into this life changing jackpot draw (increasing your conversions) • A chance to add ‘fresh’ new banners to your site that will be sure to catch the attention of potential players and encourage them to play How Can You Advertise This Promotion We have added the “USA Powerball 50% Off” banners to LottaRewards for all affiliates to make use of. You are able to find these banners by clicking on BANNERS > and then searching for “50% Off Powerball” – keep in mind these banners are available as always in all the languages has to offer. If you need any assistance downloading the banner please contact us at [email protected] Ensure your website is promoting this once off promotion for and watch your players go crazy for this massive sale!

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