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Promote The Lottery Offline – A Reminder

Date: 2012-05-16 13:37:29

By now I am sure you know that here at LottaRewards we like to empower each and every one of our loyal lottery affiliates. That’s why we would like to remind every one of you that there is the option to not only promote online, but also to take advantage of the offline promoting system we have in place. What Do We Mean By “Offline”? Lottery Affiliates can now refer clients to face-to-face by handing out our handcrafted business cards, the good old fashioned way. This is the perfect solution for clients without an online presence. You can now market to your friends, family and business associates. This makes it as easy as if you were promoting online.

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How Does Offline Lottery Promotion Work? Online tracking through the affiliate links are supplemented with sign up codes that are unique to each affiliate. These codes are then displayed on the business cards that you hand out and players will then enter this sign up code into the specific field when they are registering on This process ensures all players are assigned to their correct affiliates. Lottery Affiliates are able to track their offline promotions in a similar way to online traffic. Simply click on 'General Report' under 'Offline flyers ‘ to see your successful signups. To keep a eye on your sales simply click on 'campaign' and select the offline campaign you would like to view. All offline commission is automatically added to your commission under the 'General Report" section. Note: Please contact us when setting up an offline campaign so that we can ensure that the correct player incentives are in place. Contact [email protected] should you have any questions about how to get started promoting the lottery offline.

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