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New “Lottery Ticket” Banners For Lottery Affiliates

Date: 2012-05-02 11:48:07

That's why LottaRewards has now added new "Lottery Ticket" banners for lottery affiliates to download. These new banners available for download come in all the languages we offer on our site which ensures that Lottery Affiliates are able to earn fantastic commission in their respective markets. There is a standard size banner (468x120) which is the perfect addition to any website. These new banners help create the feel of potential clients being able to ‘choose’ their numbers – helping to create the hype and buzz of taking the chance to change your life by simply picking those lucky numbers. Be sure to add this banner to your site today! How To Download New Lottery Affiliate Banners This new banner is available in the banner section and can be downloaded as usual. To download the new ‘Lottery Ticket Banner’ go to: - TOOLS > - BANNERS > - Select "" as the lottery you wish to promote > - Select the banner group entitled “Lottery Ticket Banner” and the language in which you would like the banner to display.

lottery affiliates banner

Everyone knows how the lottery works – simply pick your own lottery numbers and make your dreams come true. This banner encourages players to do that! Please get back to us on [email protected] with any questions or concerns. And remember to stay tuned to for all the latest lottery affiliate news.

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