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EuroJackpot – New Lotto For Lottery Affiliates To Promote

Date: 2012-03-16 07:50:38 and welcome the arrival of a new European lottery called EuroJackpot. The arrival of a new lottery is always exciting as this always means the arrival of interest from new markets, languages and the provision of larger options for existing players. A Quick Breakdown Of The Eurojackpot For those lottery affiliates who are familiar with Euromillions, then you will know what to expect from EuroJackpot. In fact, EuroJackpot was founded by European countries who were left out of the Euromillions lottery. The EuroJackpot participating countries include: Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Estonia and Netherlands amongst others.

Euro Jackpot

Lottery players need to: - Pick five numbers between 1 – 50 - Pick two numbers between 1 – 8 This is a total of seven numbers that need to be selected by lottery players. Matching all seven numbers drawn wins the Jackpot. The EuroJackpot draw takes place once a week on Friday nights. Tickets are currently on sale now at with the fist draw taking place on Friday, 23rd march 2012. How To Promote EuroJackpot Ticket purchasing for EuroJackpot is enabled on and all your lottery players are being exposed to the new product via news items, dedicated mailers and promotion giving each player a free voucher to try out the new lottery. A friendly reminder to all Affiliates that are running a PlayBlock, we would recommend you increase your playblock height to "750" as we have added a new jackpot. This will then enable your playblock to display all the lotteries correctly. Stay tuned for the imminent arrival of EuroJackpot dynamic banners. Contact [email protected] for links to the EuroJackpot lottery in the playblock or for any other queries concerning the arrival of this new lottery.

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