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Date: 2011-09-22 09:06:58 have gone crazy and decided to INCREASE WINNING amounts across all of their lotteries! Yes, you are not imagining things,, the trusted lottery ticket purchasing agency, has added a new functionality to its already amazing offering. The Multiplier offering gives all lottery players the opportunity to INCREASE THE PRIZE amounts that they will take home for a winning match. This dramatically increases the potential winning values for all their lottery players. The Multiplier works by doubling, tripling or quadrupling any winnings received by the lottery player. Each entry purchased by the lottery player on can be “multiplied” by two, three or four, resulting in the possibility of much bigger lottery prizes being won. The costs for getting this option added to entries will vary depending on the lottery they are applied to. These costs will be displayed on the lottery entry confirmation page on Lottery players are free to add the Multiplier option to as many or as few of their lottery entries as they wish.

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Example: A lottery player purchases a Meg-Sena ticket for 2.50 GBP and opts for the 4 x Multiplier option. The ticket cost then rises to a total of 2.70 GBP. He wins 700 GBP and has this prize quadrupled. The Lottery player takes home a prize of 2,800 GBP. The benefits in terms of up-sell are obvious for all affiliates and lottery players are given the chance to take home a much bigger prize for simply adding on a small amount to the ticket price. - Giving lottery players the chance to increase their winnings in a cost-effective and flexible way! PLEASE NOTE: The multiplier is not applied to jackpot and second tier wins.

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