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The Lottery partner program with intelligent playing options

Date: 2011-08-26 10:45:07

As a lottery affiliate will know, there are many players that will only ever play their favourite lotteries when jackpots reach a certain level. The downside to this kind of 'jackpot-size loyalty' is that there are often players who miss placing an entry. Sometimes its because they were away on holiday or because they simply forgot that the jackpot had reached a certain size. Whatever the case may be, has devised a new functionality entitled 'IntelliPlay' that will help to ensure that these Jackpot-Chasers need never miss their favourite lottery draw. Lottery affiliates can rest a little easier knowing that a tool like this exists for their players. IntelliPlay allows players to specify certain conditions under which they would like an entry (or entries) automatically made into their favourite lottery (or lotteries). For example: Players can set rules to automatically play an entry into their favourite lottery when the jackpot reaches a certain amount. Or when the jackpot rolls over a certain number of times. IntelliPlay is easy for lottery players to set up and is available for all players to use once they have logged in and deposited funds. Lottery affiliates can visit and read further information on IntelliPlay.

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