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SuperEna is heating up – are you?

Date: 2010-09-20 14:17:02

We know the temperatures are soaring in this year’s European summer, but we’re hoping you have what it takes to turn up the heat even more! That is, turn up the heat on marketing!

SuperEnaLotto, the Italian monster lottery, has climbed to over €100 MILLION and it’s about now when tongues start wagging and the press gets caught up in the excitement along with the rest of the world. What does this mean for you? Brilliant exposure and fantastic conversion rates!

It really is the ideal time to kick your marketing efforts in to the overdrive zone.

Some suggestions from our team of beautiful minds™:

1. Post articles and content GALORE. Blog posts, newsletters & circulars. If your local football club has a newsletter, why not get your message in there? Do whatever it takes and post up as much coverage as you can.

2. Social networking sites are a great way to get your friends to do some work for you (without paying them – but you didn’t hear that from us). Put links up and ask your friends to send it around. Signups really can come from anywhere!

3. Offline promotions have recently been launched. Create an offline campaign in your LottaRewards account and download the creative. You can then print off the creative and hand it out wherever you wish. People who sign up will be assigned to your account and earn commission for you when they buy!

4. Max your websites out with advertising. Make sure that visitors to your site understand that they are a few clicks away from being the wealthiest people in their village – or city – or possibly even the country! We’re not kidding.

We hope you’re as fired up as we are about this hot SuperEna-season. We’re already seeing the signs. Increased commission. Increased signups. Increased conversions. If the SuperEna monster continues to rollover as we hope, this could be your most profitable time for 2010.

Turn up the heat, we’ll bring the sun tan lotion … and the cocktails with little pink umbrellas.

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