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Neue Promotion für Lotterie-Affiliates

Datum: 2011-12-05 08:00:39

Any lottery player that makes a Bundle purchase during December 2011 and January 2012 will be entered into the ‘In it til you win it’ draw to win one of eleven free lottery ticket packages.

The lottery ticket package gives each winner free lottery entries into a specific lottery for 30 years, or until they hit the jackpot. This is an estimated prize value of between £ 2,340.00 and £ 18,720.00 depending on the lottery tickets the winner is awarded with.

Bulk Lotto Ticket Purchasing

Once again, this up-sell campaign is being used to promote the Bundle Play purchase options which enable players to purchase bulk amounts of tickets running over a particular span of time. You can get more information on this free lottery promotion on the website.

Like 2010, this year the competition is being held to coincide with the holiday season when many lotto players will not be at their computer to play their entries manually. The Bundle Play package allows players to purchase tickets up front and have them play in each draw for a specific period of time. A note to affiliates, you will receive your commission on these sales when the bundle is purchased, not as each entry is played. So it is a great way to get fast commission up front.
Players will receive more entries into the competition for bigger bundles purchased. Points range from 1 point awarded to a weekly Big 5 bundle purchase right up to 300 points awarded to a 1 year standard bundle purchase.

Lottery Affiliate Promotion

Lottery Affiliates can promote the competition by forwarding lotto players to the competition page via the ‘In it til you win it’ page using the competition banner. Please note that there is site-wide advertising of this competition on the website so all your active players will be made aware of it when they visit the site.

Please contact your affiliate manager if you require any further information about this promotion.

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