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5 Factors Affecting Lotto Affiliate Site Rankings

Datum: 2011-11-04 14:27:55

The basics of SEO are undoubtedly familiar to most lotto affiliates. Here we look closer at 5 factors that can affect the position of your lotto affiliate website in search engines.

1. Top Level Domain (TLD)

The top-level domain of your lotto affiliate site can have a big impact on your search rankings. This is especially relevant when targeting players from specific territories. In many instances your desired URL will not be available with a valuable ‘dot com’ TLD, in which case you would need to select an alternative TLD with care.

If you are trying to better your search results in a particular country, it may be wise to purchase a TLD from that area (For example, purchasing a ‘dot se’ rank higher in
SEO for lotto affiliate sites

2. A Whole Lotta Lotto Content

With the launch of the Google Panda algorithm the overused quote, “Content is king”, has never been more relevant to the world of search engine optimisation.
Create content for your site that is optimised for your keywords and key phrases.

Make sure that you only target one or two keywords per page on your site. You can use the keywords in your content to create anchor text for links to other pages on your site that target those specific keywords.

Remember, the more that you can post optimized content on to your lotto sites, the better.

3. Inbound Links

Links from other websites to your lotto site are essential. These tell Google that your site is trusted and important. The more trusted and important you are seen as, then the higher you are likely to rank.

A great way of increasing your inbound links is by creating what is known as ‘Link bait’. This involves the above point of creating valuable content for your site. If you post interesting and relevant content on your site (or perhaps even controversial content), then you can be sure of attracting links from other sites.

Another great way of getting links is via Social Media channels (such as promoting on Facebook and Twitter). It is uncertain the exact value of these links as they are set as ‘no follow’ by many social media sites but it is definitely being factored in to some extent as Google is increasingly paying attention to these ‘social signals’.

4. Age Of Your Lotto Site

The age of your site is a big factor when Google looks at the measure of authority your site has. There is not much that lotto affiliates can do about this one, but it is definitely worth factoring in when assessing your own rankings. There is always only so much that you can do to compete with long-running competitors.

It also points to the importance of not postponing your lotto affiliate efforts – get started today.

5. URL (Uniform Resource Locator)

A common area of focus for many affiliates, the URL that you use for your site can have a huge impact on your position in search engines. This is one of the reasons for some domains being sold to eager buyers for literally millions of Pounds.

It is advisable to have a URL that matches the main keyword of your site. When creating new pages for your site always try and include the relevant keywords for that page into your title and the URL.

Targeted Lotto Traffic

The world of optimising for search engines is a dynamic and constantly evolving one. It is important for all lotto affiliates to stay abreast of the changes that occur in this area of search marketing. Remember, the higher you rank for your chosen keywords, the higher your levels of targeted traffic will be – leading to higher lotto player conversions.

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