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Play Option Information For Lotto Affiliates
Date: 2011-10-20 13:17:58

PlayHugeLottos.com, the world’s premier online lottery agent, has updated their famous lottery play block to highlight their various lotto play options.

As mentioned in our previous news item, lotto affiliates will need to update their play block code to make allowances for the new change. This is NOT a tracking issue, simply a display issue.

As lotto affiliates it is always good to know the lotto play options available on the sites that you are affiliated with. Lets look closer at the 5 lottery play options available on PlayHugeLottos.com:

1. Rapid Play

This lets lotto players enter all draws for all lotteries or for a specific lottery over a week or a month with only one click of a button.

2. Bundle Play

This lets lotto players purchase bulk amounts of tickets and enjoy a discounted entry rate.

3. Super 7 Bundle

Lotto players can pick 7 of their favourite lotto games to play over a specific time period. One transaction, many entries at once!

4. Intelliplay

Rules, who needs ‘em? But sometimes they can make your life easier. Intelliplay is a free service that lets lotto players customise a set of rules specifying when they wish to automatically have lotto entries placed in a draw (for example: when the jackpot is over a certain size)

5. Extra Numbers

Some call it ‘Lottery wheeling’! Add up to 3 extra numbers to your entries.

There you go guys - 5 great lotto play options for your players to take advantage of. Any questions, please contact your lotto affiliate manager on info@lottarewards.com

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